When This Man Looked At This Kitten, The Reactions Went VIRAL!

A candid photo of an elderly man cradling a small kitten has gone viral, and it’s not hard to see why.

Seeming to have been taken in Istanbul, Turkey, the picture captures the exact moment an older gentleman makes eye contact with a cuddly kitten. Swaddled in an old vest, the kitten watches the man curiously. We have no idea where they might be off to, but we hope its a wonderful adventure filled with delicious snacks and toy mice.

While no one knew who the man was or why they might be on a public bus, they did have a lot to say about it.The picture went viral on Twitter, with countless users claiming that this single image was “the cutest thing” they’ve seen all day. Others hope to one day “be as happy as that old man looking at a cat.”

We totally agree. The amount of “cute” in this image is just too much!

Programs that pair the elderly with cuddly animals have been proven time and again to help people cope with their changing lives. The animals keep them company and proved that much-needed level of comfort and affection that helps to brighten an otherwise dull day.


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