When She Saw What Was In This Stranger’s Cart, She Couldn’t Leave Without Asking Him What It Was All For.

When Erica stopped in at her local Walmart to make a quick purchase, she had no idea that she would go viral overnight for simply asking a stranger a question. The man was waiting to be checked out, but it wasn’t his frustrated expression that caused her to pay attention to him…it was the items in his cart.

He may have been upset that there was only one line open at the check-out area, but as Erica was about to find out, he was most likely making a list and checking it twice…!
When she asked him about his cart full of stuffed animals, his reply completely shocked her!

He told me that every year he dresses up as Santa and walks the halls of the children’s ER and delivers one to each child.” She wrote in the now-viral post on Twitter.

She wanted him to be recognized for his drive to go out of his way to help others during the holiday season. He wasn’t taking pictures or bragging about why he had filled his cart with a Santa costume and a miniature tree – he was quietly waiting his turn in line to pay for his contribution to his community.

If she hadn’t posted his picture, he may have done his good deed and only been known as the “kind Santa” who gave children stuffed toys in their hours of need. She hopes his good deed gets recognized, and that more people will follow his lead.

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