When She Reads This Homeless Man’s Cardboard Sign, Her Heart Can’t Take It!

Wilma Price was going about her day in Houston, Texas when she drove past a man holding a sign. This is nothing new in the area. Homeless people, travelers, and people just down on their luck stand on street corners all day everyday in a big city like Houston.

But this one was different.

She had to stop the car (making everyone behind her fairly angry) and ask him what had happened. The man’s name was Patrick and he was 30 years old. He told her that his dog had been put in the pound and wouldn’t be released until he came up with $120 to get him out. To most others, this was not a problem…but to a homeless man, $120 was an astronomical amount of money.

Price only had $8 in cash, but gave him her card and said she would try to help.10-12a10She called the pound, both to verify his story and find out why the cost was so high. They were charging for the $35 impound fee along with a rabies shot, a heart worm test, and flea prevention medication – all things that Patrick couldn’t afford on his own.

Price asked a friend to help cover the charge, and they wanted to learn more about the homeless man and his story. Patrick had been arrested for trespassing and was in custody for two days, and authorities had impounded his dog as a result. 

Price, having collected the fee, took Patrick to retrieve his dog. He was so grateful, he tried to give Price the money he had collected so far, but she refused to take it, telling him to get a nice dinner instead.

Sometimes you just have to dig deeper and do what’s right in your heart.” Price wrote in a Facebook post.

She drove the man back to his corner near Walmart, wishing she had enough money to rent a room for him, but settling for being able to return his dog.


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