When She Lost Her Coach Bag Full Of Cash At Walmart, She Thought She Would Never See It Again

Christy Neubert had just finished shopping at her local Walmart in Arkansas when she realized that she had forgotten something important. She couldn’t find her purse.

It wasn’t in the grocery bags or the car – so she went into the store and rushed to customer service.

Her Coach bag had money, cards, IDs…her entire life was in that purse, and she had no idea where it was! But a loyal employee had spotted the bag and took it to customer service, knowing that it was important. He hadn’t taken any of the cash out of it or touched any of the cards.

I tried to reward him with some money and instead he gave me a big hug and said no ma’am, that’s my blessing to you! In this day when so much bad is going on it is so refreshing to find such a good and sweet young man! His parents should be proud!!”

She shared the picture on Facebook, and people couldn’t stop talking about it! They hope that she will send an email to corporate as soon as she can so that the employee can get the recognition he deserves!

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