When She Learned Her Son Had Been Suspended From School, She Knew EXACTLY What To Do!

When Demetris Payne got the call that her son had been suspended from returning to school for 3 days, she wasn’t about to let him enjoy the “time off.” He had been suspended for disciplinary reasons, and she was determined to set him back on the right course. Her son thought she was joking when she told him to stand against a wall for a photo…but he quickly learned that mom was not joking around this time!

He will do your lawn service, he will rake your yard, pick up trash, or wash your car for free.” Mom wrote.

She posted the advertisement to people in her area and waited for the responses. People donated equipment to help her son clean as many lawns as possible in those three days. Someone even donated the use of their lawn mower!

Payne wanted her son to learn about respect. Part of the reason her son had been suspended in the first place, she wrote on Facebook, was that her son was talking back to his teachers. She wanted him to learn from his mistakes with a lesson that he wouldn’t soon forget. 

At first, he thought his mom had been joking about the yard work for neighbors, but he quickly realized that she was serious. Other parents are praising mom’s initiative. She didn’t just let the suspension run out – she decided to make the most of it for the good of her son’s future!

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