When She Built Her New Home, She Had A Room Put In Specifically For Her Chihuahua. OMG!

It sounds nuts. Who builds a room for their pet? You might build a dog house in the back yard, or end up dedicating a section of the living room to your beloved pooch, but a whole room? You may change your mind when you see the details inside!

Okay, so it wasn’t an ENTIRE room, but that crawlspace under the stairs is usually dedicated to boxes and storage, so we thought that this was still pretty special! She added a doggy door inside of the actual door and outfitted the space with tile, lighting, and miniature trim along the bottom. Cute, right?9-8a12Inside? A pint-sized dresser (presumably filled with doggy outfits), a teeny sombrero-holder, and even artwork! Those dogs playing poker get me every time! There is space for a water bowl and room to stretch, too!

When company gets too rowdy, this little fur ball has a place to call “home,” and can spend hours napping and dreaming little doggy dreams. 9-8a11While at first, people thought the pet-owner had gone a bit too far…the idea has grown on them. A “dog nook” under the stairs is nothing new, but she took the idea above and beyond, really transforming this cozy space into a fun and quirky area for her dog to feel welcomed and safe.

Tired of your pooch burrowing into the couch cushions? A little room under the stairs may be the answer!


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