When She Began Losing Large Chunks Of Hair, Her Doctors Pinpointed One Shocking Reason For It

Ashleigh met her first boyfriend in December of 2013, and at first, everything seemed fine. Slowly, she began noticing small sections of her hair had fallen out. She grew upset as the chunks grew larger. When she showered, it would come out as she ran her hands through her hair. When she woke up in the mornings, strands of hair would cover her pillow.

She stopped using her straightener and began coloring her scalp with mascara to hide the bald spots. But her hair continued to fall out at an alarming rate. She went to the doctors, who diagnosed her with alopecia, hair loss directly caused by emotional stress. Professionals urged her to reduce the stress in her life, but by February of 2015, she barely had any hair left.10-13a4She couldn’t understand it. She had a great job, family that loved her, friends that cared for her, and a boyfriend that she had been with for years…but she soon linked the dots and realized that her relationship with him wasn’t what it should have been.

He wasn’t the right person for me, I felt stressed trying to deal with his insecurities and controlling behavior. But, with it being my first relationship, I was reluctant to break up with him.” She wrote.

In the end, she left him and decided to start over. Her grandmother helped her to buy an $800 wig, but she still felt the stress of losing her hair and felt suicidal. Losing her hair had felt like losing a piece of herself.

The, she met John, andĀ found that he liked her just the way she was. She felt the stress of each day melting away, and one day, he noticed that she had grown a bit of hair in a place that had once been bald.10-13a7The couple got engaged, and Ashleigh’s hair has grown back healthier than ever.
10-13a5Her story, she hopes, will inspire others to take steps to decrease the stress in their own lives.

There is no denying that once I got rid of my stressful relationship and replaced it with a happy, healthy one my hair started to grow again. My hair could still fall out at any time, but with John by my side, I know that my love life will never be the cause of stress again.”


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