When One Of Her Students Made Fun Of A Girl’s Hair, She Responded In The Best Way Possible!

Ana Ferreira is a teacher in Sao Paulo, Brazil. When one of her students approached her with a troubling problem, Ferreira wasn’t exactly sure what to do. The little girl told the teacher that another boy made fun of her, calling her hair “ugly.”

At that moment, the only thing I could tell her was that she was wonderful and shouldn’t care about what he was saying,” but as she was getting ready for work the next morning, she came up with an idea that would end up going viral on social media.

She remembered how upset the little girl was and knew just how to make her feel better. Ferreira put her hair into the same style that the little girl wore.When the girl arrived at school to see that her teacher had worn the same style, she couldn’t contain her joy.

…she came running to hug me and say that I was beautiful, and I told her: ‘Today I’m beautiful like you!’ “

Sometimes, standing up to a bully is as simple as making a statement without saying a single word.

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