When His Sister Asked For Help To “Study” For A Test, He Didn’t Care What Anyone Would Think Of Him

Is there anything that you wouldn’t do for a sibling? When his sister came to him with a problem, he immediately jumped in to help her out…even though most guys would have told her to just get lost!

His sister has been studying to be a nail technician and was about to take an exam. While there is plenty to study from a book on the subject, there is nothing like hands-on practice, and her brother just so happened to be around and willing to help her practice! He didn’t care what anyone was going to say and sat down to let her hone her craft.He posted the results on Twitter and people were all for them! He admitted to feeling fierce with his new claws and was excited to show them off. People were proud of him for going against something a stereotypical “male” would do in the interests of helping his sister achieve her own success.

And in the end, he didn’t hate it…and has even been experimenting with other colors!

He gained a ton of new followers and is now entertaining them with his new “hand model” status, showing off and inspiring others to ignore the haters. Not everyone loved the fact that he helped his sister, calling him all sorts of terrible names, but if given the chance, he’d definitely help her again!

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