When His Coach Suddenly Collapsed During Practice, This 13-Year-Old Acted Quickly And Saved A Life!

Isaac Wenrich, a baseball coach and minor league catcher, was only 26 when he suddenly collapsed during training drills one afternoon. Falling flat on his face unexpectedly, the boys didn’t know what to do at first. Wenrich wasn’t responding to their questions, and that’s when 13-year-old Nathan Boyer took matters into his own hands.


He took Wenrich’s phone and dialed 911. They wanted to know if he knew CPR. Thankfully, the child remembered his training from boy scouts.

You just lock your hands together and start pushing on their chest,” Boyer said.4.5a1

Firefighters came to the rescue a short while later and rushed Wenrich to the hospital, where doctors were able help him. Wenrich’s girlfriend let everyone know that he had suffered a massive heart attack, but is expected to make a full recovery.

Wenrich is sure that if the teen hadn’t been there, he wouldn’t have made it.

Do your kids know about CPR? Many people might wait to take a class or practice until they are made to take a class by their employer, but this story proves that it is never too late to learn. The importance of knowing when and how to use CPR is, as made obvious by this story, vital information that may in fact save someone’s life.

Having a massive heart attack at 26 is not something that anyone could expect. But thankfully, this little boy was prepared for the worst, and his actions made all the difference!

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