When Her Son Was Put On Suicide Watch Due To Bullying, She Posted A Plea On Facebook. The Response She Received In Less Than A Week Is Unbelievable!

Is there anything that we wouldn’t do for our kids? The list is probably really short, to be honest. One mom took her anger to Facebook when the program directors for an after school program had her son returning home increasingly depressed. He was being bullied, and nothing that she did was helping him.

Where do you turn when you can’t do anything else? Brandy Noel thought she’d give it one last shot…and brought the matter to social media. If she couldn’t help her son, she might be able to raise awareness about the issue. 

And then it exploded in ways that she couldn’t imagine.


Reading his handwritten note, the defeat is evident. He is so broken inside that he doesn’t know where else to turn. Thankfully, he was able to get the help that he needed…


Mom, they bully me so bad, I want to kill myself.”

This came from her son, who only three months ago, saved up all of his money and together with his siblings purchased this sweet gift for their mother. How could a child this sweet be bullied so badly that he thinks death is the only way out?
3.15a3But when the local soccer team saw his mother’s post? Something incredible happened.

We got to go see the announcement of Georgios Samaras from the Greek National Team as the newest member of the OKC RAYO. “3.15a4

The new team member took the time to meet AJ and take pictures!


AJ got court-side seats at a basketball game, and he’ll never forget the way so many people wanted to support him!


He even began receiving love from all over the world, standing in support of him and against bullying!

3.15a7All the way fro Dublin, Ireland!! Our hearts are so full!! #‎StandWithAj‬”3.15a9 One of the #OKCENERGY#soccer players stopped by to cheer our Aj up today. He is home & resting. Thank you to Cyp #4 & the whole #NYSA#FAMILY. The love you all have shown is truly humbling. The facebook post went further than we could have ever imagined. We have been overwhelmed by the positive response & #support. Our #hearts are definitely full!!

While he may have doubted himself in the past, after his huge outpouring of love and support, AJ can move forward with his life, knowing that life is worth living! With people raising awareness against bullying day after day, hopefully more people can help to end it. Everyone deserves a chance to be happy!

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