When Her Entire World Came Crashing Down, She Had THIS To Keep Her Going After The Police Knocked On Her Door!

Life is made up of small moments. Sure, there are big events and parties and weddings that stand out more prominently when we look back on our lives, but what it really boils down to is those tiny, fleeting moments or conversations that stick out more than the others. These are the ones that shape us as we live day to day. For this woman, these memories are the the ones that she will never be able to move on from. These memories are all that she has left.


This story is inspiring to me. Life is short and we aren’t guaranteed a certain amount of time with the ones that we love. Our memories are all that we have to cherish once our loved ones pass away, and if my time comes, I hope that I have made enough happy and fulfilling memories with my family so that they have something to hold on to as well. It’s too easy to forget the good times and focus on the pain when we lose someone that we care about. Make an effort to remember the love that you shared, and keep them alive in your memories, even while you are moving on with your life.

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