When He Walked Into Target, He Saw THIS Cart And Couldn’t Help Posting THIS On Target’s Facebook Page!

While most public buildings have made accommodations for people who have disabilities, there are still a lot of things that need to be done in order to be convenient for everyone. Wheelchair ramps, larger bathroom stalls, and shorter doorknobs are all a part of that, but what if you fall into a category that hasn’t been seriously considered yet? For these parents, taking their 6-year-old daughter out of the house to run errands can sometimes be very difficult. She isn’t able to walk normally. This usually results in her being placed into a shopping cart, which is awkward for everyone. When they went to Target, however, they saw something revolutionary!


This simple cart literally will change how we can shop.”


Target plans to expand this ingenious cart as it is only available in select stores. They have listened to the praise generated from this VIRAL post and are planning to make carts similar to this one available in all of their locations. It may take time, and we might not see them implemented for several years yet, but this promising new start gives hope for hundreds of thousands of parents who have to juggle shopping and caring for their child at the same time. Bravo, Target! This is amazing!

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