When He Saw What Was In His Dog’s Mouth, He HAD To Take A Picture!

While out for a walk, this couple realized that their dog had started acting suspicious. Normally, when he starts looking away from them or hesitating on a walk, it means that he has picked up some sort of contraband (usually cat poop) and is trying to hide it from his mean humans who would dare to steal his cat poop treasure.

As soon as they realized their 6-month-old lab puppy was trying to hide something, he swooped in to try and pry it out of the pup’s mouth…only to burst into laughter! His girlfriend whipped out her camera and took a quick picture before they made their pup give up his delicious treat! The pacifier was just too precious and they immediately shared it online! Who doesn’t love an adorable pooch pretending to be a baby? The puppy with a pacifier went viral practically overnight, and other dog owners piped in to give them tips on safely removing “bad” objects from their dog’s mouth safely.

The best tip was to teach the dog a command for dropping whatever the object was, getting a reward for doing so without a fight. It seems impossible, but they hope to teach their curious pup not to pick up random things – they have a particular problem with chicken bones, apparently – and hopefully keep him safe.

In the meantime, they’ll treasure this adorable picture for years to come!

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