When He Opened Up This Card From His Dad, Our Hearts Melted!

A son uploaded this picture, but couldn’t have expected that THIS would be written inside.

Filling out the card on a gift fills most of us with dread. There is so much empty space. What could we possibly have to say that would fill up an entire half of a card?! This dad went above and beyond, and we can all learn a thing or two from his written sentiments. 

When a dad finds out he’s having a son, all kinds of thoughts and dreams go through your mind. I imagined so much what you would be like and the fun we would have. No matter what I have imagined, you have exceeded all of my expectations and I am so proud to call you my son. I love you, Spud!


It’s so sweet! We can learn a thing or two from this proud papa!

1.) Write diagonally.

2.) Don’t skip or shorten words.

3.) Be sincere!

Opening up a card and finding that the entire page covered in words is startling and makes us feel extra special. This dad didn’t write out a long, drawn-out anecdote. He thought about what mattered the most and made every word count! Try out his method the next time you need to write a birthday, Christmas, or thank you card. Your note will be extra special!

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