When He Made A New Friend, He Couldn’t Leave Her Behind!

During a tour in Afghanistan, an American soldier met a stray cat that completely stole his heart. For months, they slowly bonded as he fed her, cuddled her, and even gave her a name: Mousetrap!

It was a slow relationship. He saw her every now and again living near him and try as he might, he couldn’t get her to come near. He would leave out bits of food and water, but she would only take it when he wasn’t looking (usually at night) and would have disappeared by morning.

But one day, he was in his room when the stray cat simply walked in when the door was open and acted like the past months of skittishness had never happened.
She immediately cuddled up next to him, bonding quickly. From then on, Mousetrap made friends with anyone who would feed her and if she smelled food, she wouldn’t be far away to ask for a bite.

He was heartbroken at the thought of leaving her behind, but he knew that he would have to move on eventually. Mousetrap had become a part of his life, and leaving her to fend for herself was too much to bear.He decided to try his best. He took Mousetrap to a charity organization and explained his circumstances…and they agreed to help! They booked a taxi ride for the cat where she could be shipped to his home state of Indiana!

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