When He Discovered His Son’s “Masterpiece,” His Wife Had A Clever Solution

No matter what precautions a parent might take to keep their homes safe from a curious child, kids are resourceful…especially when it comes to unleashing their creativity on an unsuspecting wall. Seriously, what did it expect, sitting there and being a blank canvas for beautiful marker scribbles? To stay nice and clean forever? Not on his watch! One excited child got his hands on a green marker and decided to grace this wall with a portrait of the house it was in. Two windows, a roof, and a door made this little work of art particularly distracting…

When Dr. Eric Massicotte realized that one of his kids had decided to “improve” this boring wall with some custom designs, he was baffled. Fortunately, his wife came to the rescue with a creative solution to the black wall problem that their son had tried to remedy. 

R. C. Massicotte (b. 2011)
Interrupted House, 2017

Marker on latex paint

Gifted to his parents, by surprise. Nov. 13th. “

Instead of getting mad, they took a more inclusive approach! Supporting their son and his artistic goals instead of grabbing the wet wipes and scrubbing the marker off of their wall was a unique tactic, and maybe they’ll encourage him to try again…on paper!


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