When Asked “What Would You Do With Your Life If Money Was No Object?” This Is What He Said

You’ve probably thought about it before: what would you do if you had everything? Not needing to worry about bills and payments seems like a foreign idea to most of us…but seriously, what if? Someone asked Eric Wang, a full-time police officer and regional hostage negotiator, what he would do if unlimited funds, and his answer was inspiring.

Without hesitation I told him I would make food and drop it off for people who need a small “something” to brighten their day.”

And that is what he has been doing. His job is extremely stressful, and at the end of a long, hard shift, he enjoys baking to help him relax. This time, he made adorable “CopCakes,” topped with blue and white “lights” and the Precinct number.

We surprised Chicago’s 12th Precinct by delivering dozens of “CopCakes” during roll call. I’ll never forget the smiles on the officers’ faces after explaining that we just wanted to say “thank you.”

11-23a12Nestlé Toll House has been working with six people who want to make an impact in their communities by baking, and provided the baking tools and ingredients (and even kitchen space!) in Chicago to help their dream come true. 11-23a13

His small acts of kindness have a long reach, and his story is spreading fast. 

It’s amazing what a small act of good like this can do.” He said.

Saying ‘thank you’ to the people who matter can go a long way to making each day brighter. So, what would you do with your life if money was no object?


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