When An Armed Shooter Entered Their Home, Two Teens “Befriended” Him To Save Their Own Lives

27-year-old Trenton Trevon Lovell was being pursued by deputies for executing Sgt. Steve Owen after the sergeant responded to a burglary call. Lovell rammed another deputy with a sheriff’s cruiser after shooting the sergeant and tried to disappear in a nearby neighborhood. There were warnings and news coverage to warn residents in the neighborhood, and when Sara (named changed to protect identities) heard the news, she immediately left work and began to drive home. She called her two children, her son, 17, and daughter, 19, who were at home, but her son told her not to worry.

It’s OK om, cops are everywhere.” He said.

But after the phonecall, Lovell entered the home through a side door with blood covering his shirt.

Her son acted quickly, helping Lovell out of his blood-soaked clothing and gave him a new set of clothing to change into. When Lovell made no move to leave the home, her daughter faked a panic attack to give her brother an excuse to go upstairs “to get medicine,” he told Lovell, who believed him.

The teen then texted his mother to let her know that Lovell was in their home and wasn’t leaving.

Sara began to drive “like a maniac” until she found deputies and told them that Lovell was in her home with her two children.

This guy killed a cop and he’s thinking he doesn’t care. He’s done, he killed a cop, why would he care about killing two kids?” Sara panicked.

Deputies began to close in, and when Lovell stepped out onto the back patio, Sara’s son slammed and locked the door behind him. Lovell realized that he had been tricked and jumped the fence into another backyard but was quickly arrested.

Even though they were mourning one of their own, they handled it,” she said. “They did a fantastic job.”

She will forever be grateful for her children’s quick thinking, and the hard work put in by the deputies to save her children.


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