When A Civilian’s Wheelchair Battery Died, An Officer Pushed Him Home…Nearly 1 Mile Away!

When this officer from New York spotted a disabled man stranded on the side of the road, he didn’t call in for help. Instead, he got out of his car and decided to help the man himself.

The battery in the man’s wheelchair had died, and the man was nearly a mile away from his home where he would be able to recharge it. Without the chair, he was stranded, and the officer’s squad car couldn’t accommodate the man’s needs. Instead of calling for help or trying to find a bus or shuttle service that would be able to take over, the officer decided to take matters into his own hands.He found out where the man lived and began to push. For nearly a mile, he pushed, slowly but surely, they got closer and closer. Alexis L. pulled over to ask if she could help, but her car wasn’t large enough.

She decided to help out by giving this officer the thanks that he deserved, instead. She didn’t post his face, but she knew that someone would recognize him and hear about the story in order to get his impressive actions out to the police department. 

She followed them to the next turn and took another picture to document the officer’s work before continuing on her way. This officer’s actions in his community changed one man’s day completely, and she hopes that more people will be able to witness his kindess!

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