When A Boy’s Game Console Was Stolen, A Cop Decided To Help Out

Officer Brandon Smith was dispatched to a home when the family reported a burglary. Someone had broken into the home and stolen the television, game console, controllers, and every game in sight…all of which had belonged to 9-year-old Aidan Munroe. The console and games had been gifts from his father, and the loss of his favorite hobby had been devastating.

But Officer Smith knew that he could do something to help the boy, and didn’t hesitate.

He went to his own home and packed up his own game system, the controllers, and all of the games – he even picked up a new copy of Aidan’s favorite game – and brought everything to the boy as a gift.11-17a8

Chief Kevin Kelso had a lot to say about the incredible act:

In a time when law enforcement is being looked at in a negative light, what Officer Brandon Smith did was one of the most selfless and kind gestures I have ever seen. He recognized this situation had created a rather sad moment for Aidan, who had lost one of his means of enjoyment, and Brandon took it upon himself to give up his personal game system, games and accessories to make things a little easier for Aidan. Brandon exemplifies the kind of Servant Leadership, compassion, and empathy our employees exude every single day here at S.P.D.”

The best part about everything? The very next day was Aidan’s 10th birthday! He’ll never forget this incredible experience!

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