When A Bee Landed On His Daughter, She Panicked. Then, He Told Her The Truth About Bees.

This single father of two decided to take his kids out to see a Farmer’s Market, letting them see and experience as much as possible! They enjoyed snacks and the sunlight…but things could have taken a bad turn when a bee decided to land on his daughter’s finger! Like most children, she thought that bees were pretty scary. They’ve got stingers!

But dad took control of the situation, and before she could get too upset, he explained why honeybees are attracted to sweet things. She had a bit of honey on her fingers, and the bee just wanted a quick nibble! She watched the bee eat the honey until it flew away.
People who saw the picture were amazed that a child that young would hold still long enough for dad to explain what was happening.

She’s kind of an adrenaline junkie for being 3 years old. She seems to be pretty chill in stressful situations!” He wrote.

Others were skeptical. Bees are supposed to be “nice,” but their experiences were much different!

My mom said to me the same thing when I was about the same age of your daughter, I didn’t move and I wasn’t even afraid. The ******* bee stung me in the face, the bee died and I looked like a monster for the rest of the day,” one person wrote.

Others remember similar situations where the “nice bees” just weren’t so nice!

How do you treat stray bees that land on you?

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