What’s The Most Embarrassing Body Problem You’ve Ever Googled?


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Whenever there’s some twitching or aching in the body, most people turn to all-knowing Google for fast facts. If you’re thinking of cure for common maladies like cough or cold, think again. These embarrassing questions are some of the funniest and strangest in the history of the search engine.

Why do my eyes water when I go poop?
This goes straight to childhood when you poop too hard that tears begin to fall down your face. But what’s truly happening is the signals from your brain that make you cry come from the same part that tell you to go number 2.

Can you feel your fetus’ stomach growl when it gets hungry inside you?
Most pregnant women will surely laugh after hearing this one. The answer to this seemingly valid question is no. However, babies pee inside the womb. Now that’s shocking to know.

Why won’t my right eye stop twitching?
For some people, this happens right after sneezing or scratching the eye. Remember, our eyes are very sensitive organs that need constant protection from wind, dust, and dirty hands.

Why can’t I sleep?
We are all aware that there are many causes of insomnia, and staying on the computer for too long is one of them.

Why do my fingers and toes turn blue and numb when I’m cold, nervous, or angry?
As funny as this may sound, the occurrence can be associated to autoimmune diseases. It’s not the magical ability to change color, but a serious condition that repeats and can leave permanent damage.

Why my period smells metallic?
A lot of women might ask this same question, and the answer probably lies from the iron in the blood. It’s not from eating soup or any food from cans, it just so happens that the blood has that mineral.



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