What Would You Do If You Spotted A Dog Tied Out In The Sun? One Woman Surprises Herself.

It happens. Dog owners take their pets out for a walk and decide to stop and grab a coffee before heading back home. They tie the leash to a pole outside and head into a shop to order. Dogs aren’t normally allowed inside of public places, so owners have no choice but to tether them to miscellaneous items outdoors, promising to come back soon.

Aside from the obvious danger of having a pet stolen, pets can suffer a great deal when they are left in the sun with no way to cool themselves back down. When on a walk, intermittent shade, stops for water, and cool grass can help keep a dog’s body temperature down…but being forced to sit in direct sunlight on pavement is dangerous, even if it’s “just a minute.”

Saw a dog tied up outside the diner we had breakfast in this morning. He was laying in the sun, panting.

I told my friend I wanted to go back inside and find out who the dog belonged to and suggest they provide water, at the least. I was hesitant about doing…shy about it I guess. Put my shyness aside and marched in there.

Had no trouble finding the owners and led him over to the gal at the take-out counter and requested water for the dog. I watched his owner giving the happy dog the water as we drove away. Motivated by my love for animals, I went from wimp to ‘Warrioress’ rather quickly. It made me smile.”

She was nervous about the confrontation, but truthfully, any dog owner should have done the same. Maybe other people just didn’t notice that the dog was overheated, and maybe the owner hadn’t realized just how hot it had gotten outside. Either way, that’s one pooch that got a nice drink of water, and one woman who cleared her conscience by doing what was right and helping an animal.


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