What Would You Do If THIS Was In The Plane Seat Next To YOU?! One Woman Freaked Out. Understandably.

Sara Nović was on a flight and waiting to see who would be sitting next to her. She was in an aisle seat and was glad that there was only one man sitting in the window seat, leaving the middle one open…or so she thought.

She realized that the man had placed a terrifying baby doll in the seat next to her and that he had purchased a ticket for the doll. While she is sitting next to the disturbing display, she ends up trapped as the flight attendant tries to explain to the man that it isn’t a good idea to purchase tickets for dolls, even if they have a “name” and “birth date.” 

She heard from the flight attendants that there had been a panic at the TSA when they thought he had misplaced an actual baby. He gave them the name Barbara and birth date…and then they realized that he was talking about this doll, and not an actual person.9-23a12

She also noted strange behavior from the man, who had taken an entire bunch of bananas on board as an in-flight snack. She also learned that he was on his way to visit the giant replica of Noah’s ark, built in a realistic fashion, and to visit the creation museum as well.

After a 2 hour layover, she ends up seated near the man and his doll for a second time, and she is thoroughly over the entire ordeal.

While many people have pointed out that the man was most likely using the doll for therapy reasons, forcing an innocent bystander to sit next to a creepy doll without an explanation is just downright unkind.


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