What Would YOU Do?! Driver Smashes Into 22 Cars Lined Up At A Dealership!

You may have been in a wreck before, but this one takes the prize for “oh, crap!” A couple was driving at an unsafe speed and lost control of their car before sliding off of the road. If they had made it into a ditch, perhaps the day wouldn’t have ended up as such a horrible disaster…unfortunately, they careened into the front lot of a car dealership and crashed into the line of parked cars like a set of dominoes.

While the out-of-control car hit the line of brand new vehicles from behind, the cars were parked directly in front of large metal poles. As the cars were pushed forward, they were smashed at both ends, causing massive amounts of damage. The accident occurred at night and so no one was injured in the freak accident, but locals as far as a mile away say that they heard it happen. The cars being smashed sounded “like gunshots,” one after the other and lasted a while.

Police on the scene spent eight hours assessing the damages, but the dealership’s insurance company will have a lot more to work through before anything gets resolved.  Authorities are still investigating, but are fairly certain that it wasn’t done on purpose. The driver of the car, for whatever reason, failed to let off of the gas which caused even more damage.

Police hope to find eye witnesses as the driver and passenger recover in the hospital.

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