What Was Lurking In This Airline’s Blanket Will Truly Disgust You. WARNING: SUPER GROSS!

As if Delta hasn’t had enough problems recently, what with taking away a mother-of-twins’ carseat and threatening to kick her off of the flight for not having one and all, now one passenger’s discovery is verifying everyone’s worst fears: those pre-packaged blankets may not actually be clean.

Comedian Nicole Byer tried to settle in for her flight with Delta and opened the packaged airline blanket provided to her…and immediately recoiled in shock. She couldn’t believe what she was seeing and took this disgusting picture (the lighting is too poor to see the actual problem, but thousands of people don’t think she made it up):

Folded neatly inside of the blanket was a dried piece of fecal matter! She immediately told the flight attendant and Tweeted the picture online where it instantly went viral. What’s crazy? Delta responded but didn’t actually apologize until prompted to. People were asking what the airline’s policy is for cleaning and replacing blankets between flights was…but instead of giving a straight answer, representatives were all saying the same thing:

Please advise a flight attendant. They should be able to replace the blanket for you.” Delta Tweeted multiple times.

Eventually, the situation escalated to “higher ups” at the company, but there is still no word on how they handle their blankets. Many people think that they, like other flights, simply re-fold their blankets and stuff pillows back into the little plastic baggies to be re-used over and over.

In the end, people just resolved to never use those blankets and pillows and instead bring their own. Yikes. We hope this was all just some crazy mishap…

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