What She Does With Textile Yarn And Yard Lights? Pure MAGIC!

If you’ve got kids (or know someone who does) then this project might just be the answer to those nighttime trips to the bathroom! Many children need a nightlight at bedtime, whether they have a fear of the dark or just want a dim light for comfort. The problem with nightlights is that they need an outlet…and if your hallway doesn’t have an outlet nearby or the plugs are blocked by furniture, there’s really no way to use them.

Using her crochet hook, some textile yarn (we’d advise against white since you can’t wash this project easily), and a string of outdoor lights, she begins to create a stunning work of art!

4.18a1Fitting the tubing inside of the knots can be a little tricky, but it’s easy to get into the groove once you start.4.18a2When she got to the end, she had few options to cover the cord. She tied off the end…4.18a3…and worked the yarn into the side to finish off the circle.
4.18a4Add some cute petals to the outside (this will help to his the bulky cord, too!) and put it somewhere to light a path or provide a soft, ambient light! Run the cord along the baseboard until it reaches an outlet. It’s such a cute little addition to any home.

This is a bit tricky to clean, so choosing a less bright fabric may be a safer choice. It’s also important to use lighting meant for outdoors so that it can withstand more accidents, since it will be used on the floor! It’s cute, easy, and makes a great nightlight!

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