WHAT Is The Thing That Olympic Medalists Keep Holding? Some People Think It’s A Bit Nuts.

The medals given out at the Olympics are flashy and exciting. Winning one is definitely something to be intensely proud of…but that little…thing? That brightly colored piece of plastic? Not so much, if you ask bystanders. Olympians started receiving them along with their medals, posing with the figurines, and the public was confused, naturally. 8.16a10The 3D printed paperweights are the first of their kind as far as the Olympics are concerned, but what is their purpose? Reportedly, they are supposed to perfectly hold and display the medals won at the Olympics. No one has seen that happen though, so we’re a little skeptical.8.16a11The official reason? They didn’t want to hand out bouquets of flowers to medal winners because they “weren’t sustainable.” Every year, every athlete that receives a bouquet would toss it into the garbage shortly after posing for the official photographs, and people thought that it was wasteful. But people don’t think that the 3D sculptures are any better or worse than the bouquets of colorful flowers, and make the argument that tons of things about the Olympics are wasteful and are confused as to why the flowers were pinpointed specifically.8.16a12Thousands of people have commented that the paperweights were probably discarded, too. What do you think of the brightly colored 3D logos being passed out instead of the traditional bouquets?

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