What Is The Key To A Long Life? The World’s Oldest Family Thinks THIS Is The Secret.

The Donnely family may be the world’s oldest family, but their curiously long lives has people taking notes, even if it might be a long shot. Who wouldn’t want to live a long, long, long life? After being officially named “world’s oldest family” by the Guinness Book of World Records, people have been begging for their secret…It turns out that the secret is actually a bit boring. No one is eating pinecones daily or smoking a pack of cigarettes a day or eating chocolate at midnight. Most distressingly, the secret to a long life isn’t daily bacon, either. Their secret turned out to be a lot more practical:

Every family member eats a bowl of porridge for breakfast each morning, without fail. In the USA, it’s more commonly referred to as “oatmeal.”

Many people eat oatmeal in the mornings, flavoring it to be savory or sweet with fruits or cheeses, but it’s fairly bland on its own. There are a lot of benefits to eating a bowl for breakfast, they say, such as staying “regular” for bathroom breaks and keeping their weight down…

But it’s a bit disappointing, we’ll admit. What do YOU think the secret to a long, long life is? Apparently, it’s just oatmeal. Who knew!

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