What Is “Beauty?” Apparently, There Is No Right Answer, According To THESE 18 Countries!

What is beauty to you? The folks at Online Doctor decided that they wanted to find out, and it started with one simple question. “How do perceptions of beautfy vary across the globe?”

So they hatched an experiment that quickly went VIRAL. They sent out a picture of a natural woman, unaltered and smiling proudly in the body she was born with. They sent the image out to graphic designers in 18 different countries with the simple instructions to make this original image more appealing to the people in their country.


So, what makes her beautiful, and what, in these artists’ opinions, did she need to change? The results range from understandable to outright terrifying.


A little tan, a little weight loss, but overall, nothing much has changed. 12.16i3

In South Africa, the slimmed her down but made her just a bit taller.


Venezuela? Bless them! They kept her natural curves, made her taller, and left her face alone. They gave her a tan and dyed her hair, but everything that made her “her” was still there, minus a few pounds.


Spain thought she was just fine – they defined her waistline and upped her cup size, but she still looks like herself.


The USA absolutely butchered her face. This does not even look like the same person. And that Barbie-doll waistline? It looks terribly unnatural.


…I don’t even have a comment. She looks sickly. I want to feed her everything in my kitchen.


Columbia gave her long, gorgeous hair, but kept everything else the same! They thinned her out just a bit, but she still retained her natural beauty.12.16i9

Along with several pounds shaved off, the Philippines dyed her hair, gave her more cleavage, and dramatically altered her waistline.


Basically, “The Little Mermaid” is beautiful in the Netherlands, I guess.12.16i11

Peru altered her facial features and defined her waistline, but her curves are all still there!


Syria? They love a thin body but adore her hips!


I can’t be positive…but it looks like Egypt actually made her hips LARGER! Glorious.


Aside from some weight loss, all I can really see is a tan.


Italy…Italy, why?! I think the look they were going for was “high fashion.” 12.16i16

She’s paler, taller, and her hair is much redder. Where did her gorgeous hips go?!12.16i17

Again, that waistline doesn’t look real, but she looks good as a brunette!


The UK did little more than slim her down. She still looks the same, just a bit lighter.


This project really fascinated me. Seeing all of these different standards of beauty just confirmed that there really is NO standard of beauty. And that makes me happy, because even if Italy doesn’t appreciate my womanly figure, I know now that several other countries would think I am a model! Yes, please.

Columbia, Spain, and Peru left her thighs nearly untouched and might have even widened her hips.

Italy and Argentina cut off nearly 100 pounds to achieve “beauty.”

China absolutely destroyed every single curve, making her look skeletal and possibly diseased.

USA, Egypt, Philippines, and Mexico tinted her skin and hair and gave her a more defined waistline.

USA, China, Serbia, and Peru altered her face to the point that she is almost unrecognizable.

What did you think about this experiment? Enlightening? Or was it too much?

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