What Do Your Moles Say About You? Apparently, They Can Predict Your Personality!

In Chinese culture, reading your moles can tell a lot about your fortune, your personality, and even your fate! While there are hundreds of positions and fortunes for specific mole placement and what they mean, here are the most common that might reflect who you are and where you are going! Did you draw the mole-placement lottery, or were you born without a single mark? Check this list and see what your moles say about you!



A mole on your forehead can signify a dive and focus that will make you successful in your chosen career. If that mole is on the right side, you are destined for fame and money! If it’s on the left, you might worry a bit too much, and that can lead to problems in your relationships!



If you have a mole located in your eyebrow, you will forever be plucking away to get those hairs to look even! That’s not a part of a fortune, that’s just what I have to do every day because of a disruptive mole… what it means according to this reading is that you can look forward to abundant wealth! A mole above your eyebrow can signify that you will need to work harder for that wealth. Below your eyebrow? Some people will always be jealous of everything that you have, and you’re especially creative when it comes to art and “thinking outside of the box!” But if the mole is at the end of your eyebrow, you will be successful and end up in a position of authority!



A mole on your left cheek can signify that you are easy-going, light-hearted, and generous! Although you may prefer to keep to yourself when it comes to personal things in your life. A mole on your right cheek can signify that you tend to be straight to the point about most things in life, and that can make you more sympathetic to others.


11.19l A mole on your lip means that in general, you know how to have a good time! You might be talkative, charismatic, persuasive, and flirty! If you have a mole on the corner of your mouth, you might get free meals more often than most people, and if that mole is on your upper lip, you might not be very great at keeping secrets.



A mole on your chin means that you are determined to the point of becoming stubborn, but know what you want and how to get it – no matter how much work it will take! Equally, you apply that same determination to all areas of your life, not just work. Hey, it also means that you’re a bit more attractive than everyone else! Congratulations!



Do you have a mole on your ear? You have good luck in life, and your IQ is higher than most! You’re quick on your feet and very trustworthy. Your family comes first, no matter what, and people know that they can depend on you. When you say you’re going to do something, you always follow through!



A mole on your nose can mean a lot! You might have a quick temper, a tendency to blow through your budget, and possibly a weak immune system…but you also know how to flirt, and when you find “the one,” you are intensely devoted and care a lot about the people that you love.

So, what do your moles tell you about your personality – and possibly your future?! Mine are a little vague, but hey, if being born with a mole on my chin is the reason that I’m beautiful, I’ll take it! What did yours say? Where they “spot” on, or did they miss the beauty “mark” completely? So many puns, not enough time…

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