What Do Your Eyebrows Say About YOU? Mine Was Surprising.

Have you noticed your brow shape recently? Do you pluck regularly, or do you let them grow wild and free? Whether you groom them on a daily basis or clean them up only once a week, our eyebrows are a part of our face that people notice first! What your eyebrows look like might give a clue to your personality – what do yours say about YOU?

The Tadpole

You put a lot of effort into every little thing that you do, and you like it when people can see your efforts. Whether or not it is a good decision, you give it 100% no matter what. Even if it blows up in your face, you will keep trying your hardest to improve.



You are a perfectionist, and you won’t stop until everything isĀ justĀ right…even if that means you might have gone too far! It doesn’t matter to you though – feeling confident in your own skin is the only thing that matters!


The Hill

Being grounded is a part of who you are. You know what you stand for and you know what is important in your life. There isn’t a task or challenge too big! You’ll just take it one step at a time.



You have a big heart and care about the people around you! You find yourself listening to a lot of people who feel that they can talk to you about their problems and dreams. While your care might come across as excessive, that is only because you care so much about the important people in your life!



The Triangle

You were born to stand out and you will fight for the things that you believe in. You haven’t met an argument that could make you back down, and “fierce” just might be your actual middle name. This bold brow shape matches your personality, and you aren’t afraid to show the world what you are made of!



A serious outlook on life is no stranger to you! You take your business very seriously. You are straight-forward and don’t take “no” for an answer! You also have excellent fashion sense no matter what the occasion!



You are full of charm, wit, and sass! You don’t care what anyone thinks, and you aren’t afraid to try new things. New beginnings are your favorite part about life, but you might let go of people too easily while chasing your dreams.



It might be easy to hurt your feelings, but that’s only because you are so full of love and compassion for others! Being sensitive might lead to a few mistakes or setbacks in your career, but your personality will help you climb back up to the top in no time!


The “S”

You may not be approachable because people are intimidated by your success and bold personality. You are extremely loyal, but that might mean that your circle of friends is also very small. You’re a trendsetter and aren’t afraid to jump into new fashions or styles!


Was yours accurate, or did the prediction fall short? I’m not sure if my thick eyebrows are the reason that I can be outspoken and sassy, but I might never know! Either way, these were fun to look at! Which eyebrows do you have? These are great!

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