What Do A Bunch Of Old Tires, Some Twine, And Press-board Have In Common?

Before you spend a couple hundred bucks on a trendy new coffee table, this guy suggests that you go into your garage instead!

With upcycling being a fashionable trend, why not integrate an upcycled piece of furniture into your living room.” He writes.

He used an old tire as the core of this project, and it helped the entire table to be sturdy and unique, with a familiar yet striking shape. He built a base out of various chunks of wood and held them together with metal brackets. (This is the most complicated part, and can be improvised based on what you happen to have in your garage!)
11-1a5Then, carefully wrap thick twine around the tire, using construction adhesive to make it stick! Wrap this part carefully, he says! You don’t want to be able to tell that it is a tire in disguise!11-1a6To wrap the top, start at the center and slowly glue the twine in a spiral shape until you reach the edges. You may need to go around several times where the press board meets the tire to hide the space…but in the end, you should end up with a perfectly functional (and perfectly cool!) tire-coffee table!11-1a7Would you give this project a try? Some crafters have mentioned that they preferred to leave the bottom without adding little legs, and some have doubled up on the tire, making it twice as high! You can see more details here!


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