What Can A Teacher Do With A Student Who Acts Out? Have A Chat In The Middle Of The Hallway!

Teachers are given less and less options to deal with disorderly kids, but that doesn’t mean that they are able to ignore the problem altogether. The children disrupt their classrooms, and when a parent  isn’t able to correct a child’s behavior, it leaves teachers in a sticky situation. Some are forced to send the misbehaving kids to the office over and over, and some issue detentions knowing that it won’t solve the problem or help the child in the end. But when so much is off-limits when it comes to helping a child, what more can they do…but sit down and try their best?

Sometimes teaching is sitting down in the middle of the hallway with a kid who is having a rough time and having a heart to heart.
The child in the photo has been having a hard time since we got back from winter break, acting out in class and his teacher couldn’t find a way to reach him. So Mr. Bailey figured he may need more of a father figure to help figure out what was wrong.

I didn’t hear much of the conversation just that the student was being picked on at school and that the teacher was trying to lift his spirits and help him out of the situation. I took a quick snap and walked away. I didn’t want to interrupt the moment.”

He could have sent the child to the principal’s office. He could have written a note to the parents. He could have issued a lunch detention…instead, he just decided to listen. Many teachers don’t have the luxury of time to sit one-on-one with each student, but in this case, it meant all the difference to the child.

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