Well-Meaning Mom Accidentally Murders Elf On The Shelf In Front Of The Kids! Oops!

After brutally murdering (accidentally) the family’s Elf, Elfis, one mom is scrambling to fix the mistake in time to save Christmas!

Brittany Mease took to Facebook as soon as she realized that she needed backup. She had been keeping up with the tradition for five years, but now, she’s not sure how to save it.

An Elf on the Shelf is a fun way for kids to feel the “magic” of Christmas. Each morning, they wake up to their elf sitting or posed in a new spot on the house. Thanks to holiday magic, the elf watches the children and reports back to Santa, only moving once per day. If the children touch the elf, it “loses its magic” and can’t move, which means it can’t report their good behavior to Santa…or something along those lines. The rules differ from home to home, and in the Mease home, the elf has become somewhat of a chore.So, on December first, mom had a great idea. Elfis arrived at their home with a “broken leg” from tripping over the children’s neglected toys. She put a cast on Elfis’ leg and left a “doctor’s note” that said Elfis couldn’t move for 14 days while it healed…but one night, her children realized that Elfis should have been moving after his 14 day resting period was up. Mom had completely forgotten.

As soon as they weren’t looking, she tossed the elf into the oven, planning to move him later that night…
Unfortunately, she forgot. When she went to heat up leftovers for lunch…everyone began to smell the singed elf!

Her children were heartbroken. She plans to find their “spare elf,” call Santa and ask for him to bring Elfis home to be cured (probably by magic) so that “he” can return the next day!


Hopefully, it works!

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