Welcome To “Dobbsland!” Engineer Grandpa Built A Backyard Theme Park For His Grandkids!

Steve Dobbs used to be a Boeing aerospace engineer, but after his retirement, he found himself with more than a little bit of time on his hands. He had always enjoyed watching his kids and grandkids have fun at theme parks – like Disneyland – and wanted to try and recreate the magic at home. He knew that his backyard would be the perfect place to start, so he purchased a motorized train and watched his collection of rides grow!

It’s an excuse to go out and enjoy the backyard!”7.29a2

The motorized train cars were fun, but they only went in a circle on a few tracks, and that kids soon grew bored of it. So, he build a little tunnel…but they soon grew bored of that, too. He made more and more, and the kids enjoyed his new creations! They became more detailed as time went on, and eventually he found himself surrounded by a working theme park!7.29a4

He says that the space in his backyard can comfortably accommodate around 50 people, although only one adult can ride the roller coaster at a time. Going to “Dobbsland” is like a mini vacation, and the fun just doesn’t stop! Dobbs really enjoys each project that he works on, and seeing the joy on his family’s faces when he completes a new “attraction” makes it all worth it. 7.29a3

Nine of his senior engineering students helped to design and construct the roller coaster, and it can go up to 12mph. Most people take up a hobby after retirement, but we have to admit that we’ve never seen anything quite like this!

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