Welcome To Camping…In The FUTURE! How Cool Is This Tent?!

This tent? Yeah, it won an award in Japan! The Japanese outdoor company named Logos has designed a way to go camping with all of your friends, separately, AND together! The many modules have different functions, setups, and help you to still stay connected to nature. It’s really cool.4.29a28The main “hub” is a pentagon and can have five more modules attached from the center and has enough space for up to 16 people to go to sleep inside of it! It can also be converted into a dining area or just a place to meet up in the middle in case it starts to rain.4.29a29The modules are large enough that you can back your car into them and unload supplies, and tall enough that you don’t need to duck when you’re inside! Each little hub can be set up separately, too, so its easy for each friend to bring a piece of the bigger tent. 4.29a30 4.29a31The burning question that everyone has…how many of these can you connect together? However many you want. Keep this style in mind in case the apocalypse happens anytime soon and we’re all forced to become nomadic tribes to survive. These convenient tents are just too much fun! I can’t wait to try them out and go camping with EVERYONE all at once! It’s just like a little village!

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