We Bet You Can’t Find The Hidden Fish In This Picture! (Well, not under 10 seconds, at least!)

No one can say ‘no’ to a good brain teaser! While a few of us might think an afternoon assembling a jigsaw puzzle is a dream come true, many of us like to complete our puzzles as fast as humanly possible. Like, say, under 10 seconds? That was the challenge issued when this photograph was posted online, and it left dozens of people stumped, and even more admitting that it took them way longer than 10 seconds to find the crafty little fish!

Grab your reading glasses and get to work. Good luck! He’s sneaky.8.3a9If you found it within 5 seconds, you are better than 20% of the population.

If you found it within 10 seconds, you are better than 30% of the population.

If you found it within 20 seconds, you are better than 50% of the population.

And if, like me, you found it after an embarrassingly long amount of time, you may simply not be super great with puzzles. Hey, we’ve all got special talents, right? Finding cartoon fish is not one of mine, sadly…but if you ever want to hear a nursery rhyme in 4 languages, I’ve got you covered!

How long did it take you to find the fish?

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