We All LOVE Our Yoga Pants, But They Might Not Love Us Back! Here’s Why You SHOULDN’T Be Wearing Them All Day!

There is a trend among women that has taken root and doesn’t seem to be letting up anytime soon. Being comfortable is now the new “fashion,” and while I agree whole-heartedly that this should have always been fashion and needs to continue into the far distant future, we need to be smarter about it. Toss out those uncomfortable heels, get rid of those restricting skinny jeans, lose the tight top that makes breathing difficult – we have lives to live and deserve to be comfy while we go about our days! Right?

Experts say “yes,” just not in your yoga pants. People are calling it “athleisure,” and the phrase has spread so quickly that the next edition of the dictionary is rumored to include it as a term. Wearing athletic clothing to be comfortable is a growing trend, but here’s why you might want to reconsider those pants when you’re getting dressed for the day.

Yoga pants and active wear are made for just that: yoga. They are designed to help your muscles and give you mobility while you work out, but they aren’t made of highly breathable fabric and can hold sweat close to the skin. This causes all sorts of nasty things that you wouldn’t think would happen just by wearing a pair of pants all day.


Zits, rashes, yeast infections, fungal infections, and a ton of skin issues can be caused by wearing these fabrics for too long OR by wearing them several days in a row without washing them. The big one that everyone is talking about?

Folliculitis. It’s an inflammation of the hair follicle that has been blocked and infected due to constant friction from tight clothes. You might notice them around areas that would be touching your athletic wear like on your back under your sports bra, or on your rear after a few spinning classes.


So, what’s the cure? If you’ve just finished a class or are sweating during your errands, take the athletic wear off and take a shower! Otherwise, you’re walking around town in your own toxins, making your body vulnerable to any number of nasty infections. Sure, you look cute, but I guarantee you that an itchy rash is not.

In short, it’s perfectly fine to wear your active wear to the gym and during a workout – and hey, maybe for an errand or two before your workout…just not after, and certainly not ALL DAY!

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