Watchful Tabby Immortalized With Statue Thanks To Generous Donations By Customers

When Brutus first stepped foot into this Morrisons supermarket, no one realized just how important he would become to the owners, the shoppers, and the community in his short life.

Brutus was born with Polycystic kidney disease and officially diagnosed in 2013. Over the years, he patrolled the isles, greeted customers, and kept a watchful eye on the comings and goings of shoppers, often earning well-deserved scratches behind the ears. Shoppers could often find him lounging on counters, sneaking up to the fish section, or perching on the recycling bin.

For six years, he kept everyone company, and locals grew used to the adorable cat that lived at the grocer.  But when he passed away, his favorite customers weren’t sure how to process his loss. He had brought so much joy to everyone who stopped at the supermarket, and they wanted something to remember him by.

They started a fundraiser, and by the end of it, they had raised over $5,000 to commission a statue and donate to local shelters. The store’s owners also pitched in over $1,000 to make sure the commission lived up to the memory of Brutus.

Now, his statue serves as a reminder of the cat who lived in the grocery store, warming the hearts of shoppers and bringing joy to everyone who remembered Brutus, their friendly supermarket cat!

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