WARNING! She Wanted To Fill The Kiddie Pool With Water For Her 9-Month-Old Son. He Now Has 2nd Degree Burns.

There are some things that we just don’t think would ever happen to us in life, and for Dominique Woodger, this sentiment has never been more true. In the dead heat of summer in Arizona, the temperature was in the 100’s, and she just wanted a fun way to cool off for herself and for her baby. She brought his plastic pool outside and went to fill it with water. She placed him in the empty pool and turned on the hose, thinking that the water would be a quick way to cool down. When she turned on the hose, she heard him scream and assumed he had gotten water in his face when the sprinkler attached to the hose turned on.

She went to fill the pool with water, but when she saw the marks on her son’s skin, she rushed to get him out of the pool and into the hospital.

All of it was peeling. He had blisters all over the right side.”

She was absolutely horrified at what had happened. Doctors estimated that the water had reached about 150 degrees, effectively scalding her son as soon as it touched his skin. They predict that he will make a full recovery, and Dominique is going public with her story in the hopes that other parents will learn from her tragic story.

Just be careful. Just touch the water before you spray – before you let your kids get near it.”

The water had been sitting outside in 115 degree weather, baking and getting hotter and hotter. Pay attention and learn from her story!

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