WARNING: Horror Alert! This Woman Had Pain In Her Ear…Her Husband Sees A HUGE Spider!

Spiders are terrifying creatures. Their spindle-like legs and sharp pincers are quick and dangerous, and while some of them are harmless, their creepy exterior has most of us killing them on sight. They find their way into dark, cramped corners and love to lurk in the dark. But when that “dark corner” is your ear canal…well, that is a nightmare come to life.

Victoria began to feel intense pain in her ear after going for a swim in the ocean. She thought it might be some kind of infection and asked her husband to shine a light inside and see what was going on.

When he realized that something was alive in her ear, he was shocked. He could tell that it was a spider. Victoria went straight to the hospital to seek help. She told the triage nurse that her husband thought he saw something alive. She wanted the nurse to see if it was infected, or if her husband was right.

The nurse, Sarah Gaze, took a cotton swab and a light and confirmed that there was indeed a spider lurking in Victoria’s ear canal. She tried to find someone else to remove the critter, but there was no one around. She knew that she would have to face her fear and do it herself.

The spider was still alive and tried to escape, but Sarah was quick.

The spider was visible in Victoria’s inner ear and it came out quite easily. But it was alive and very wriggly. It was quite big too. It must have been twice as big as it first looked.” She reports that there was no damage to the ear drum…or eggs laid.

The brave nurse impressed Victoria, who thinks the spider found its way into her ear by hitching a ride on her towel’s hood and escaping into her ear canal when she went to take a rinse off shower in the beach hut.


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