Want To Stop The Kids From Borrowing Your Car Too Often? This Is Hilarious!

For the low, low price of $170 bucks, your car could have one single festive and old-timey seat cover. Just look at how great those ruffles are! An entire set might set you back quite a bit, but maybe it would work? The images were shared on Facebook and people couldn’t believe them. Their main question: “but why?”

Having comfortable seat covers is nothing new, but having such elaborate seat covers is all sorts of hilarious. The ruffled edges, the lace accents – even the steering wheels, shift sticks, and indicators have matching covers! They have thought of everything. Posted with the caption: “keep teens from taking your car” had a lot of people talking. Surely their teens would simply drive around the corner, remove the seat covers, and continue about their days?

Others thought the seat covers were great. Maybe it would deter thieves, too! Or get people to stop asking for rides! The possibilities were endless.

What do you think of these intricate seat covers? They reminded a lot of people of their grandmothers!

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