Want To See Where The Flight Attendants Go Once The Lights Are Out On A Long Trip? Get Jealous!

During those long, 9+ hour flights across the country or ocean, you may have noticed that the flight attendants aren’t always there. In a large plane, there can be a fairly large crew on staff during the flight, but you wouldn’t expect them to be on their feet for an entire 18-hour-shift…and you may not have thought about it until right this second.

One of the coolest things about the bigger planes is the hidden lounge area for the flight crew! The differ by airline, but the idea is the same, no matter what country they are from.

The lounge area is above the cabin and the luggage storage areas, and depending on how big the plane is, can be very spacious!They are usually accessible by a very narrow, hidden stairway.Sometimes, the way in is a staircase that is opened like the stairway to an attic in the cabin.You may have seen this warning near the restrooms, but have you read it? Something that made a lot of people giggle: “one per bunk!”The larger spaces are for the pilots. Head space, storage, and plush blankets and pillows.The beds for crew members are more cramped and have less amenities.Sometimes, they are very cramped!And take a look at the crew space on Singapore Air! These are extremely luxurious!So, basically this means while you are napping lightly for fear of touching the stranger who has stolen your armrest, the flight crew is lounging upstairs, and laughing at you (probably). At the very least, they are comfortable between their shifts in the cabin! That must be why they are smiling all of the time.

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