Want To Make Some Really Awesome Decorations For Your Garden? Step 1: Find A Giant Leaf. It’s SO Easy!

Gardens are magical places where plants grow, flowers bloom, and birds in all shapes and sizes come to visit! Whether you are growing flowers or fruits or veggies, this next project is the perfect decoration for any garden space! And it’s so, so simple!

Step 1: Find a giant leaf.

4.12a16Rhubarb leaves will work nicely, but any larger leaf will do! You can even use multiple small leaves for this project.

Step 2: Use a sturdy mold and place it on top of the veins of your leaf! If you don’t like where the veins are sitting, try another leaf. Slather the leaf in vegetable oil to keep the cement from sticking to it!4.12a17

Step 3: Mix up some cement. Follow the instructions on the bag! 4.12a18

Step 4: Pour in the cement and let it dry!

This step will take a while to dry depending on how thick you want your stepping stones to be, so be patient before removing the mold and peeling off the leaf.4.12a19 Step 5: Enjoy your beautiful stepping stone!

Let it cure in the sun for a week or two before you start to actively use it! 4.12a20

This method is a magical (and cheap!) way to create functional stepping stones in your garden. For a cute touch, you might even let the kids paint on them or at the very least decorate them with sidewalk chalk! It’ll take up an afternoon, and add pops of random color to the space!

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