Walmart Employee Nearly Fired For Telling Customers To “Have A Blessed Day!” Community Rallies In Protest

James Philips enjoys his job as a Walmart greeter, happily greeting every customer that comes into the store to shop, as per his job description. But Philips doesn’t use the standard, “hello, welcome to Walmart,” or “thanks for shopping,” instead, he hopes that people coming and going will “have a blessed day.”

He never meant to start any kind of movement, he just began to notice that when he said that exact phrase, people reacted. If they were frowning, they would smile and thank him. If they were frazzled, they would seem to calm and get focused. If they were happy, they would get happier…so, he kept saying it.

I want to just be one of the best greeters I know how to be,” he told his local news station.

He believed what he was telling them, and truly hoped that whether they were arriving or leaving the store, that they would have a wonderful day regardless of the things going on in their lives.
10-26a8But it all ended when one person complained that they didn’t want to be told to have a blessed day. Walmart told him not to use it anymore, and the community noticed. Philips wasn’t as happy using standard phrases that felt empty, and the public took a stand.

The story gained attention, with more and more people deliberately using the phrase in the store and telling the corporate giant to back off.

Surprisingly, they did, releasing a statement about the situation: ” We greatly value our associate and appreciate his work for the company. He is welcome to continue sharing his greeting with our customers.”


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