Veteran’s Small Business SAVED By Pokemon Go! “I Have Never Had So Much Fun On A Job In My Life!”

Mad Hatter’s Ice Cream shop was permanently closed after its owner, Gary Dear, couldn’t justify keeping it open. He was trying his best to deal with an illness related to his time in the Navy, and running the shop was too much of a financial struggle. He posted a status on the shop’s Facebook page that the doors were closed for good.

But one day, he noticed a group of guys standing across the street, totally invested in their phones. There were only a few of them, but he thought that their behavior was odd. The next day, two more groups of people showed up and did the same thing. The day after, there were 40 to 50 people that had brought lawn chairs, and that is when he had to ask what the heck was going on outside of his shop.

He opened his doors and found that business was booming! Fans of his ice cream were excited that he had opened his doors again, and people were happy to support his business since they were going to be spending long afternoons out in front of it anyway.8.11a5The game, which activates “poke stops” or hot spots, had placed 3 right next to Dear’s ice cream shop, and people spend a lot of their free time with friends outdoors and walking around. Most of the time, they grab a cone and enjoy his ice cream while playing the game. Many people may be frustrated with the game causing more people to get active and wander outdoors, but Dear is so thankful that they are. They saved his business, and he has never been happier!

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