Veteran Spent Nearly $1,000 To Help Feed Displaced Victims Of The Baton Rouge Floods.

Christian Dornhorst woke up one Monday morning with a strong feeling in his heart; he needed to help the victims of the flooding in Baton Rouge. He lived on the other side of the Mississippi River, but at 7am he was at work. He just couldn’t shake the feeling that he needed to help the people who needed it the most. He asked his boss to take the day off to help, and by 9am he was at Sam’s Club purchasing every single brisket and sausage and chicken that they had. He and his wife spent nearly $1,000 on the meat, and by 11am, they had seasoned it all in preparation to be cooked.8.16a25

He was eventually directed to the sound stage at the Media Centre, a large film studio that had become the temporary home for many people affected by the flooding. He was serving food non-stop, chicken and sausage constantly being fired up on Dornhorst’s grill. Another volunteer stopped by with three pot roasts to contribute. The brisket had been on the smoker since noon, and by 7pm, people were lined up and just waiting to get a nice piece of good old fashioned home cooking.8.16a26

108 pounds of brisket were gone within just 20 minutes, and it was with a heavy heart that Dornhorst had to turn people away. They had run out of food. Standing in his Wounded Warriors shirt, he made an impressive sight.

After it was all over, he took a break before cleaning up to call his boss and ask for another day off – and to see if he would be willing to sponsor another day of BBQ for the people staying at the shelter. “I’ll even put in some hours in the morning – if I can pick up more brisket tonight.”

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