Veteran Raises And Lowers Flag Each Day Despite His Disability

Jose Garcia’s neighbor has done the same thing every morning and every evening for as long as he’s lived there, and one day he decided to document the elderly man’s dedication.

While he may rely on a wheelchair to get around his home, the veteran isn’t completely unable to move. It takes a lot of effort and concentration to stand, but he makes his way outside every morning and every evening without fail in order to raise and lower his country’s flag. Any time he stops to talk to someone, he replies that he’s “always got a seat to tell a story,” before making himself comfortable and sharing bits and pieces of his life and experiences. He never shies away from a stranger and knows that his daily remembrance is important to carry on, even when it may hurt his body or the weather might be bad.

Many people who saw the post hoped that his neighbors might take a page from his book and raise their own flags in solidarity.

Others were touched to see that even in his old age, and even after he’d already given so much to his country, he still took the time to raise the flag each morning and lower the flag each night. The story went viral because of his patriotism, and hopefully, it’ll get back to him just how much people appreciate it.

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